Married at Mohawk Mountain - Cornwall, Connecticut

While everyone dreams of sloping down Mohawk Mountain this Winter, I’m reminiscing on Marina and Dave’s Spring wedding at the ski lodge! The ceremony took place at the base of the ski slopes. Guests sat at the back patio or stood on the balcony overlooking the ceremony. A long bridge over the pond created a perfect isle for Marina to walk down.

These two love birds were so joyful the whole ceremony and full of energy all night on the dance floor. I loved seeing Marina and her Father busting some massive (and may I say impressive) moves during their father daughter dance - leaving everyone feeling that kind of happy only dancing can bring. 

A ski lodge wedding is a great choice if you love untraditional venues. This particular lodge offered a welcoming and unique setting with its checkered dance floor, globe lights, and wood panel walls laced with ring lights. I’ll let the images speak to the rest of the events for you, but I can confidently say a ski lodge wedding is a top choice when looking into non-traditional venues.

Mohawk Mountain Entrance Sign
Welcome Calligraphy Sign for Bride & Groom
Classic Black and White Groom with Groomsmen
Groom with Groomsmen Staggered in the background
Groomsmen Looking at Grooms Butt
Groom getting pinned with Boutonniere
Groom getting kissed by mom and dad on cheek
Father-of-the-bride Looking at wedding ceremony spot
Bridesmaids praying under a pine tree
Close-up of Bride bowing her head
black&White dress shot with bridesmaids and bride
Father helping Bride get ready for Isle Walk
Wedding guests watching bride come down the isle
Bride looking fondly at Father down the isle
Bride and Father laughing down the Isle

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