I’m coming clean - I love The Father Of The Bride. From the moment I saw Steve Martin on screen, driving up his suburban driveway talking about all the reasons he loved his house, I was hooked. While there's plenty of cringe worthy scenes and unrealistic expectations regarding the finances of Annie's reception, I still consider the movie a lovable classic and worthy inspiration for anyone hoping for a celebration close to home. I was lucky enough to shoot such an event for one of my couples this past Summer, and I loved it. So, I thought I'd share my top 5 reasons why!

Wedding couple outside centered between apple trees
  1. A loving home gets the spotlight

 When a home is given proper TLC (tender love&care) it's nice to see it given some recognition! Your venue is an important part in your wedding day - setting the scene for all your guests. When you attend a backyard wedding, you can see and feel the love poured into every sign made, chair set, and dish created.

Set up tent at a Backyard Wedding
Rhubarb Strawberry Sauce pouring over wedding cake
Wedding guests chatting in backyard garden

2 . It was formal in a relaxing setting 

I sometimes find the fancier the venue the harder it can be to relax. Extravagant halls and large ballrooms can make some feel small and out of place - especially if your not the type to "go all out". Dressing up for a backyard wedding opens you up comfortable formal wear. Sure, a sequin dress looks great in pictures, but a flowing cotton sun dress looks great too and won't scratch the insides of your arms. Instead of feeling out of place in a fancy venue, you feel empowered dressing up in a otherwise casual setting.

Wedding guest wearing a silk orange dress and silk tan head band
Boy in bowtie eating wedding cookie
Mother in Summer Stripped dress holding her Child

3. You get to enjoy nature 

There’s a certain sense of grounding that comes with being in a backyard. No ones going to question you taking your heels off out on the grass. As the sun sets, you don't have to leave the crowd to catch the changing colors, all you have to do is look up. 

Wedding couple holding hands under a dogwood tree
Children running through a raised bed garden
close up of pink roses with rain drops on petals

4. Lighting hits different outdoors 

There’s just something special about outdoor lighting as the sun goes down and the stars come out. Outside everyone dances under not one, but two sets of lights. The fixtures outside aluminate the nature of the outdoors and transforms a backyard into its own fairytale.

Bride dancing with Father with guests watching
Bride and Groom Slow Dancing under String Lights
Guests dancing at the Backyard Wedding

5. Having a wedding on personal property is special and sentimental 

To me, there's little sweeter then commemorating a place of significance in ones life. A loving family home will now hold special memories of a budding new marriage, and these memories can be easily revisited with each season. Venues have upwards of 80 weddings a year, but a reception on your family’s property? It happens once in a lifetime.

Grandma letting go of walker to dance with son
Two girls holding hands dancing
Bride holding hands with family on the dance floor

Are you considering a backyard wedding? I’d love to help answer any questions you might have. I almost had a backyard wedding myself! Let’s connect below and talk about how to achieve your own Father Of The Bride moment.